Our Philosophy

It’s time to face the facts! Scientists and global organizations have already continuously rang the alarm affirming that the time to reverse the devastating environmental impacts of climate change is running out.

Despite the warnings, human beings continue at a rapid pace on a path that leads to global crisis. The clock still ticking and yet there are no signs of serious structural agreements to confront this planetary challenge.

Inspiring change...

Talamanca is a blessed land that has survived many threats throughout history managing to preserve its mystic and proving that a healthy coexistence between different cultures and nature is possible.
But it’s facing new and challenging threats belonging to a modern world that pushes globalization and monetary dependence one way or another sacrificing cultures, nature and quality of life too.
WE ARE CHANGE. The GreenCoast team and its allies will promote an integral and sustainable development standard, honoring those who defended this land in the past, guaranteeing a healthy home for new generations and sending a message of hope to the world, “another way of living is possible”. Nothing is lost yet but time is now and we have to act with faith, courage and heart.
 “Many small people who in many small places do many small things can alter the face of the world” (Eduardo Galeano)
Eyelash Viper

Approach Principals

solutions have to involve social, environmental, cultural, economic and political dimensions.
Organized civilians have the power to alter world’s reality in a very positive way.
Endogenous sustainable development is fundamental, mainly in rural territories since its where most of the world’s natural resources are still preserved.
Nature is diverse (biodiversity) and humans are nature too so, cultural diversity is essential for a balanced world. It has been proven that the most naturally healthy territories have been conserved by culturally strong populations and vice versa.

Our Mission

Encourage local businesses, local NGO´s, institutions, civilians and world travelers visiting Talamanca to increase social, cultural and environmental awareness as an essential step to set up the bases for an integral, endogenous and sustainable development of Talamanca.


Consolidate a responsible development process of Talamanca grown from its grassroots and with deep alignment with the history of this land so that local people can increase quality of life, local cultures, knowledge and traditional practices are preserved and nature conserved. We believe Talamanca territory can set an example of sustainable living and be a voice of hope to the world.


  • The Economy for the Common Goodprinciples,

  • The Buen Vivir(Good Living, Latin-American native people’s harmonized way of living) and

  • The autochthonous way of living of Talamanca;

  • Four essential teachings that nature preaches on a daily basis: simplicity is beauty, diversity is a strength, collectivity is unstoppable and balance is vital.


  • Design and implement an integral and sustainable development plan for Talamanca that involves and empowers territorial actors
  • Improve the social, cultural, environmental and economic dimension of the territory
  • Build a future vision that understands the present reality and respects the past of Talamanca
  • Create better and more strategic communication networks that give access to a real participation of any inhabitant of Talamanca
  • Preserve local cultures and nature permanently
  • Spread a message of hope capable of catalyzing other territorial efforts of sustainable development worldwide