Shift towards environmental, cultural & social sustainability.

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  • What is Sustainable Development?

GreenCoast understands sustainable development as the participative construction of an endogenous system based upon balance between the environmental, cultural, social and economic dimensions. 


  • Support responsible and sustainable ALLIEs...
  • Activities

Choose local eco-tourism providers that offer a variety of cultural and nature adventures.

  • Shopping

Check out local eco-conscious artisan’s that make arts and crafts that are unique to Caribe Sur.

  • Accommodations

Find hotels that support responsible and sustainable development in Talamanca. 

  • Restaurants

Support local restaurants that commit to a sustainable and eco-friendly business model. 

  • Organizations

These allies are working hard to preserve the richness of Caribe Sur, support their efforts. 

  • civil society

Community lead groups committed to environmental, social, and cultural conservation.

Talamanca is PURA VIDA!

As travelers, volunteers, or researchers, you are important allies for the sustainable development of Talamanca. Learn more about Caribe Sur and how to support GreenCoast.

Yes, GreenCoast is idealist and visionary, our mission is massive but remember trees where once only seeds! Curious about how we work, then go deep on it.

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